Sometimes, death is a life announcement. When the works humanize outlives its creator and remains yet after its death, this one are transformed in a proclamation of its existence.


It is the man who announces its step by the world making its tread through actions and experiences whose value lies in be intense and fugacious in the real time, but beautiful and permanent in the universal time and moreover, with the capability of be appraised by other human beings that in turn will be influenced by what they sees, hears and feels, to spread it and changes into it what we knows as history. This is the life announcement of a singular city, intense and rich in personages and experiences: Pátzcuaro.


The present writes itself basis in write the history of, reflections, compliments and concepts mine or coming of thinkers, philosophers,  friends and common people or of the popular tradition that has gone accumulating along my life becomig mine.


I don't always will cite the sources from where I has take those because it is hard to remember. Many are personal concepts, or that by dint of living with those, in that has transformed. However, an acknowledge to all those, anonymous or not, that in some way had influence on me to realizing this small, but laborious work and a humble homage to one of the biggest cultures that has yielded Mexico and that deserves be ransomed of the forgetfulness.

 Arturo Pimentel Ramos

(1929 – 2002)



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