This lovely lagoon is located four km. from downtown Pátzcuaro. It is not only one of the most beautiful places in the world, but one of the earth’s highest lakes. The history of Michoacán is intimately tied to it, it is a primary element of the coat of arms of the city, and also brims with innumerable stories and legends related to the Purhépechas and its origin. However, most unfortunately this lake has escaped neither the aggressiveness of man nor climactic changes, which have both affected the water level. At present there are five islands: Janitzio, la Pacanda, Yunuén, Tecuén, a very small barren island called “The Tecuenita” (as it is so close to Tecuén) and Jarácuaro, which is now connected by a causeway. These waters are inhabited by five fish species: the famous white fish (endangered), black sea bass (usually called “trucha”), acúmara and other smaller fish called tiruhs and cheguas. Moreover the lake is circled by 26 native villages, each with its own beauty and personality and all recommended to visit. There is a well paved, scenic and panoramic road that leaves Pátzcuaro, encircles the lake, then joins the road to Guadalajara near Quiroga.






One of the main attractions of the region is to go by boat to this isle, the largest and most important in the lake. Here can be admired and purchased a great variety of handicrafts, exquisite typical dishes can be savored in the numerous restaurants tended by the island’s inhabitants, and it is possible to walk to the summit of the island to the enormous statue of Morelos which can be seen from very far away. The interior of this huge statue is ornamented with more than 50 detailed murals describing the Mexican revolution. If one climbs to the upper part of the statue, one can enjoy yet another impressive, beautiful panoramic vista.






Here is another beautiful isle, very near Janitzio; but unlike the hubbub there, this is for enjoyment of incomparable calm and tranquillity. Its few inhabitants formed a cooperative that constructed a little group of cabins that include all the services, a game room, a small grocery store, a handicrafts shop and a small but delicious restaurant, all tended by the villagers. This is ideal for couples or for a true spiritual retreat.






It means "pushing into the water". This island have a ptivileged location at the middle of the lake. THe center of this island have a natural pond in which the inhabitants cultivate fish for they local needings. It woth it to visit due to it preservation and tranquility.





Now accessible by road, on the way to Erongarícuaro, take the detour to the right in Arócutin. Here the main work is with palm; which is woven into thin braids used to make hats and tortilleros (tortilla baskets). Embroidery is also done here.





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