4th - Pátzcuaro: Day of San Francisco de Asís (Saint Francis of Assisi). Dances of Moors and soldiers.


     - Cuanajo: Day of  San Francisco de Asís. Dances of Moors and soldiers. Fireworks.

     - Ihuatzio: Day of San Francisco de Asís. Feast of Santo Patron (the Holy Father). Dance of Moors

        and soldiers and Fireworks.

31st - Janitzio: “Kuirsi-atakua”, ceremonial hunting of ducks in preparation for the night of death.

       - Jarácuaro: “Kuirsi-atakua”

       - Tzintzuntzan: “Kuirsi-atakua”





1st and 2nd - Pátzcuaro:  All Saints and “Dia de los Muertos”.Artesans market in the main square.

                  - Tzurumútaro: “Noche de Muertos” (Night of Death). In this place is a special celebration

                    to the remembrance of “tata”  Cárdenas -the name given in this region to General.

                    Lazaro Cárdenas because of his importance in the agrarian movement.

                  - Ihuatzio: All Saints and “Noche de Muertos”. Offering from homes (flowers, candles,

                    food) taken to the cemetery to be received by the human souls of the deceased faithful.

                  - Janitzio: All Saints and “Noche de Muertos”.

                  - Jarácuaro: All Saints and “Noche de Muertos”.  Dance competition and pirekuas.

                  - Tzintzuntzan: All Saints and “Noche de Muertos”. Vigil at tombs. Presentation of “don

                    Juan Tenorio”  (A traditional theatrical play about love and death).

13th - Quiroga: Day of San Diego de Alcalá, its patron saint.

30th - Tócuaro: Day of San Andrés. Patron saint of the area.





6th - Santa Fe de la Laguna: feast of patron saint, San Nicolás de Bari. Fireworks and dances.

8th - Pátzcuaro:  Day of Señora de la Salud. The most venerated of the region. Presentation of

        dances, masquerades, handicrafts, band, parade, bullfights and rodeos.

     - Morelia:  Day of Concepción. In the Temple of the Immaculate is organized a fair., musical and

       sporting events and fireworks. It lasts three months.

12th - Capula: Day of the Virgen de Guadalupe. Dance of the “güares” , and music.

16th to the 24th - Pátzcuaro: “posadas” (traditional “piñata” parties related to Christmas)  in

                          anticipation of Christmas (This remembers the re enactment of Mary and Joseph

                          searching for lodging).

                        - Ihuatzio: Posadas and “novenario” (nine days worship until Christmas).

                          Presentations in the atrium of the church.

24th to the 26th  - Quiroga: Chritmas. “Pastorelas” are presented in the streets of the city.

24th - Tócuaro: Christmas. “Posadas”.

       - Capula: Christmas. “Pastorelas” are presented and there is music accompanied by dances.

       - Uruapan: Christmas. “Pastorelas” are presented in the district of “la Magdalena”.



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