First Sunday  - Quiroga: Day of “la Preciosa Sangre de Cristo” (the precious blood of Christ). This is

                      the most important celebration of the area. Mass, procession, fireworks and dances that

                      are repeated throughout three days, during which the most important is the dance of

                      the Moors.

22nd - Uruapan: Day of Maria Magdalena. From this district, at the 16th century chapel located here,

          begins a procession with oxen and mules decorated in lively colors. They are taken to the

          atrium of the church, where the dances of “los viejitos”, “negros”, “moros” and “maringuías” are

          all held.

25th  - Janitzio: Day of  Santiago Apóstol (apostle James).

        - Tupátaro:  Day of Santiago Apóstol.

        - Capula: Day of Santiago Apóstol. Music with two local bands, exposition and china competition.

        - Tingambato: Day of Santiago Apóstol. The Moors walk through the streets. Music and

          dances,crafts exposition and other events. Food market.

        - Uruapan: Day of Santiago Apóstol. Procession. Dances and fireworks.





2nd - Santa Clara del Cobre: Pilgrimage of the artisans.

11th to the 22nd  - Santa Clara del Cobre: National copper fair . Artisans competition of hammered

                            copper, parade of allegorical floats dances, bands and fair.

12th - Santa Clara del Cobre: Day of Santa Clara de Asís.

15th - Santa Clara del Cobre: Assumption of the Virgin and of the Virgin of the Sacrarium, patroness of

          the town.





1st - Quiroga: Don Vasco de Quiroga.

8th - Cuanajo: Nativity of the Virgin. Tianguis (indigenous crafts fair), music, dances and fireworks.

     - Capula: Nativity of the Virgin. Dance of the Moors.

13th to15th - Uruapan: Feasts of “Señor de los Milagros”. Celebrated 10 km. From Uruapan, in San

                    Juan Nuevo.

14th - Santa Fe de la Laguna: Day of the Christ of the exaltation. Procession. Dances of blacks and


15th and 16th - Pátzcuaro: Independence Day. Cry of Independence Ceremony (this remembers the

                       day in which the Mexican independence war was started by  Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in

                       Dolores, Hidalgo) held in municipal palace. Popular fair , musical events, fireworks in

                       the main square. Parade on the 16th

                     - Morelia:  Independence Day. Cry of Independence ceremony is held in palace by the

                       state government, popular verbena. On the 16th is held civic/military parade, sale of

                       crafts. and a firework cascade on the cathedral.

28th  -  Pátzcuaro: Aniversary of Pátzcuaro’s foundation by Don Vasco de Quiroga.

29th  -  Pátzcuaro: Day of San Miguel Arcangel (Saint Michael archangel).

30th  -  Janitzio: Birthday of Morelos. Dances and various festivities.

         - Morelia: Santa Clara del Cobre Birthday of Morelos. Civic/military parades, pilgrimage and

            bullfight, sporting and cultural events, fireworks and band music.



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