Varies - Pátzcuaro: Holy Week: The festivities begin on Tuesday (Mardi Gras) with the re-enactment of

            several biblical passages. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Way of the Cross is held and

            the procession of silence with Mater Dolorosa images dating from the 16th to 19th centuries.

            On occasion a Procession of the Christs is held that reunites almost all the religious images

            from churches throughout the lacustrine region. Sale of regional handicrafts.

          - Cuanajo: Glory Saturday

          - Tzintzuntzan:  Holy  Week. The festivites begin on Holy Wednesday and end on Sunday. The

            Way of the Cross is held and biblical re-enactments are presented. The processions of Good

            Friday are especially authentic because the participants are covered with cowls.

          - Erongarícuaro: Holy Week. Processions and burning of Judas.

          - Uruapan: Palm Sunday. Palm keeper procession, contest and handicrafts market. Contest of

             regional costumes.

          - Santa Clara del Cobre. Ash Wednesday, pilgrimage to Carácuaro. Good Friday, procession

                    and re-enactment of the buried saint. 





3rd - Pátzcuaro: Day of the “Santa Cruz” (holy cross). Veneration of one of the crosses (green cross) that is believed to have been left by Vasco de Quiroga. Procession, music with bands of the region.

   - Tzintzuntzan: Day of the “Santa Cruz” and change of church assignments.

   - Quiroga: Day of the “Santa Cruz”.

   - Zirahuén: Day of the “Santa Cruz”.

   - Tingambato: Day of the “Santa Cruz”.

18th - Morelia: Founding of the city. Civic ceremony and sports festival organized by schools.

Varies - Morelia: Fair and exposition. Agricultural exposition, cattle, industrial and crafts; musical

            presentations and folkloric dances and fair.





4th to10th - Uruapan: Avocado fair.

24th - Uruapan: Day of San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist). In the district of Saint John are

          presented the “danza de los viejitos” (dance of old men) and dance of “negritos” (black boys).

       - Santa Fe de la Laguna: Day of San Juan Bautista. Fair, “danza de los Moros” (dance of the

          Moors) and folk and classical music contest.

29th  - Uruapan: Day of San Pedro (Saint Peter).

Varies - Pátzcuaro: Corpus Christi Thursday.

          - Cuanajo: Corpus Christi Thursday .

          - Tzintzuntzan: Corpus Christi Thursday .

          - Erongarícuaro: Corpus Christi Thursday Cristi.

          - Santa Fe de la Laguna: Corpus Christi Thursday.

          - Santa Clara del Cobre: Corpus Christi Thursday.



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